In the ever-evolving world of cutting-edge technology, both China and the United States of America have emerged as global leaders. With their innovative products and groundbreaking advancements, these two countries continue to shape the future of various industries.

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Henghui Lighting: Revolutionizing Illumination

Henghui Lighting is a prominent Chinese company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality lighting solutions, catering primarily to businesses through its extensive range of products. Their commitment to excellence has made them a leading player in the industry.

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– Ten years of hot classic shape, can be matched with the same series of spotlights, chandeliers, floor lamps
– Products are sold well in France,Czech Republic,Chile
– CE Certification
– 5,000 pcs shipped per year


– Rotatable angle to effectively reduce packaging area
– Products are sold well in Denmark, Sweden, Chile
– CE Certification
– 5,000 pcs shipped per year


HC220319-3-A – Creative shell shape with transparent glass shade,

creating a soft light– Products are sold well in France,Czech Republic– CE Certification– 5

000 pcs shipped per year

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